In early 2017, I could not get out of bed. January has just begun, and I no longer kept the New Year’s promise to go to the gym again because of the severe flu. I had to ask friends to look after the children. When they arrived, I made my way to the front door crawling. One glance at my pitiful figure clinging to the battery in the hallway was enough for them to gently rebuke me and advise me to better monitor my health.

I didn’t lead a completely harmful lifestyle, but I never really thought about health. By nature, I’m pretty lazy and love to eat. And until 40 years old, health was maintained on its own. From time to time I went to the gym, monitored my weight and completely dispensed with a smoothie with spirulina and a discount card for health food stores. It never crossed my mind that one day such an approach would stop working. Continue reading