I am vegan
The modern classification of vegetarianism has been formed for more than 100 years, having gone from partial rejection of meat (flexitarianism), rejection of meat, but with the assumption of fish…

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Christmas post
In the Orthodox churches of the Byzantine tradition, the Christmas fast is one of the four many-day fasts of the church year and serves as a 40-day preparation for the…

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Christmas post
In the Orthodox churches of the Byzantine tradition, the Christmas fast is one of the four many-day fasts of the church year and serves as a 40-day preparation for the…

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How to stop eating sweets

Why do we love sweets
Sweets are a source of energy, and love for them is determined by nature. The ancestors of modern man had to run for food not to the nearest hypermarket. Hunting and gathering are difficult and labor-intensive matters.

And the pleasure of eating is one of the mechanisms that should make the body more actively obtain food. Accordingly, the more calories in a product and the easier it is to split it into components that are absorbed by body cells, the more we like it.

How to stop eating sweets

How much sugar can I eat?
World Health Organization recommends WHO calls on countries to reduce sugar intake by adults and children to reduce sugar intake to 10% of the total energy value of the diet. The WHO says that this will reduce the risk of overweight and tooth decay. Experts say that reducing sugar intake to 5% of daily calories will bring additional health benefits.

Therefore, a not very active thirty-year-old man with a height of 180 cm and a weight of 70 kg is recommended to eat no more than 60 g of sugar per day. Now, according to statistics, the average Russian consumes 40 kg of sugar per year, which is approximately 109 g per day, by the population of the Russian Federation.

How to limit yourself to sweets
1. Add Complex Carbohydrates to Your Diet
Sweets quickly break down in the body into simple sugars, forcing you to look for new sources of energy. A portion of cereal in the end also transforms into simple sugars, however this process will be longer, so you will stay full longer.

2. Reduce your sugar intake gradually.
Instead of three refined cubes, start tossing two into tea, then one. Do not reach for the second candy. Divide the cake in half with a girlfriend or the other half. You will get pleasure from sweets, but eat half as much sugar.

How to reduce sugar intake

3. Make sweet consumption meaningful
Do not eat ice cream on the run, and sweets – at the computer. So you still will not get full pleasure, and eat a serving of sugar.

4. Refuse the rituals associated with eating sweets
For example, afternoon tea with colleagues, a cake in a theater buffet, and so on. Replace the absorption of sweets with something unrelated to them.

5. Do not reward yourself with sweets
This forms an unhealthy connection. First, you complete an important project and buy a cake. Then you start to eat cakes in moments of stress, because sweet is associated with success and joy. Encourage yourself with something inedible or save money that you were going to spend on sweets in the piggy bank.

6. Think of ways to escape from cravings for sweets.
For example, you can sit down 50 times or repeat 10 words from a foreign language. There is a possibility that after physical or mental efforts you will no longer have sugar.

7. Drink water instead of sugary drinks
A can of cola contains 39 grams of sugar – more than half the average daily intake of an average man. And in a glass of orange juice – 33 g.

8. Start reading labels
Sugar is found in many foods where you do not expect to find it. This, for example, is about granola, sweet cereals that do not require cooking, ketchup. Replace them with sugar-free counterparts.

9. Maintain a feeling of fullness
As long as you are not very hungry, it is easier to control what you eat.

10. Cook the desserts yourself
In this case, you can control their sweetness. Just put less sugar in the cake than indicated in the recipe.

Refusal of sweet

11. Take Chrome Vitamins
Some studies of Effects of Chromium Picolinate on Food Intake and Satiety have found that chromium picolinate can reduce carbohydrate cravings. If you decide to try, consult your doctor just in case.

Willpower and these recommendations will help you defeat the craving for sweets. Do not deviate from the intended goal, and your body will thank you!

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