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How companies profit from our desire to eat healthy foods

Not all manufacturers of organic products are ready to incur additional costs, therefore they are forced to use the same stabilizers and preservatives as in conventional products.

A healthy lifestyle has become a global trend followed by millions of people. And where there are millions, there are business sharks who want to collect several dollars from each of these millions. Having caught consumers’ demand for healthy and quality food, they sometimes offer us just fakes, wrapped in colorful wrappers with inscriptions for health benefits. In this article, you will learn about those products that many consider healthy food, but they are actually not.

Breakfast cereals
healthy food

A huge number of people eat them in the morning and are confident that this is a proper, balanced diet. However, this is not at all true. Breakfast cereals usually contain a huge amount of sugar and refined carbohydrates, which have no positive effect on our body. Therefore, it is better to eat for breakfast something closer to its natural appearance, such as vegetables.

Low Fat Yogurt
Numerous advertisements present them to us almost as an elixir of life, which returns health and youth. But in reality, nonfat yogurt is a highly processed product in which manufacturers remove saturated fats while adding many other elements such as sugar, fructose, and artificial sweeteners.

Fruit juices
Fruit juice tends to be extremely high in sugar and very low in fiber. And some of them have nothing to do with the fruits shown on the labels, as they are entirely made up of water, sugar and flavors. So it will be much more beneficial to eat yourself and give your child a real apple, orange or grape than to drink this colored water with flavorings and colorings.

Diet Coke
This drink is being promoted as a healthy alternative to regular pops. No sugar – no calories – no harm. But studies conducted by scientists (1, 2, 3) found that in the long term, the use of diet cola leads to the exact opposite effect. The artificial sweeteners contained in the drink, on the contrary, stimulate appetite, so that a person, as a result of switching to such a Coke, often gets fat, and does not lose weight.

Organic food
The desire of consumers for a healthy diet has even created a new category of products called “organic food”. It is presented to us as a perfectly clean and healthy product, which goes directly to the table from the fields and farms, has no chemical additives and is not processed.

However, even here reality makes its own adjustments. It turns out that chemical food additives were not invented in order to poison us and you, but in order to ensure greater safety of products and high yields. It turns out that the rejection of these substances requires a completely different approach to the transportation and storage of products, which leads to a significant increase in their cost. And it turns out that not all manufacturers of organic products are ready to go to these costs and yet are forced to use the same stabilizers and preservatives as in conventional products. And if you take into account that recent studies have not found convincing evidence of the beneficial effects of organic food on health, then the whole thing smacks of a grandiose scam.

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