11 diet myths to stop believing in
Nutrition stereotypes that scientists have long disproved. 1. There are special products that make you lose weight or get fat Information about Energy Balance affects weight changes. the difference between…

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Ergotherapie steglitz zehlendorf - hotel steglitz ergotherapie-praxis-weinmar.de.
Sweet Conspiracy: A History of Deadly Scientific Mistake
For almost 40 years, we have been afraid of saturated fats, abandoning them in the name of health and harmony. Although back in 1972, the English scientist John Yudkin strongly…

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About vegetarian sausage
Sausage is the most beloved and consumed product by Russians, alas. Alas, because it is impossible to attribute traditional sausage to healthy food products to any degree. Nevertheless, the consumption…

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6 eating habits that everyone should buy

These simple steps will help you feel better and stay healthy.

1. Drink enough water
You need to drink water. This speeds up water-induced thermogenesis metabolism. Blood plasma is 92–95% water, and the liquid helps the circulatory system to cope with its functions. With water, oxygen and glucose, which are necessary for nervous activity, enter the brain. Water removes metabolic products and toxins from the brain. But its lack can cause Dehydration of a headache, feelings of fatigue, problems with the digestive tract.

There is no universal norm for water consumption. Focus on two indicators:

Feeling of thirst. If it is, you need to drink.
The color of urine. It should be colorless or light yellow, otherwise you do not drink enough.
The main life hack: water should always be at hand. Otherwise, you will be too lazy to get up every time to drink, and you will do it less often than you really want. Put a bottle of water on your desk and drink it every time you feel thirsty. Always carry a smaller container with you in your bag and do not forget to fill it.

In addition, there are various applications that allow you to track the amount of drink. Their main drawback is the targets. In attempts to achieve the “norm”, you can drink when you don’t feel like it, or hurry to pour liquid into yourself late at night to achieve the goal. But if you like numbers and gamification, then you can try.

2. Eat more vegetables and fruits.
Plant foods are useful for the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system and certain cancers. The fiber they contain helps the digestive tract work better and reduces the high intake of dietary fiber and whole grains associated with reduced risk of non ‑ communicable diseases the risk of noncommunicable diseases.

We have known about the benefits of fruits and vegetables since childhood, but it is not always possible to eat enough of them. Moreover, recent studies of Fruit and vegetable intake and the risk of cardiovascular disease, total cancer and all ‑ cause mortality — a systematic review and dose ‑ response meta ‑ analysis of prospective studies show a norm of 500-800 grams per day, which is a lot .

How to develop a habit
Here it is the same as with water: if you want to eat more vegetables, make them more accessible. To bring the plan to life, you have to think about why vegetables are an infrequent guest on your table.

Perhaps you would love to eat cabbage salad every day, but you are too lazy to chop it with a knife. Then your choice is a food processor with a shredder. He will grind the heads in a matter of seconds, and all that remains is to rinse the bowl and knives with water, even a sponge is not needed.

Or you buy a vegetable over and over again that you don’t like, because you are guided by information from the outside, and not by your own feelings. Say, celery is really useful, but if you hate it, then it will settle dead weight in a box for vegetables.

Wash the fruits and immediately put them on the table – so more likely that the hand itself will reach for them. Prepare vegetables for consumption. Cucumber and carrot sticks, small pieces of cabbage will be quickly eaten if they are in sight.

Finally, just make sure that there is a herbal supplement in every meal you take. This may be annoying at first, but gradually you will get used to it.

15 unusual vegetable salads
3. Keep a food diary
People tend to be mistaken in the amount eaten. We tend to underestimate the Discrepancy between self ‑ reported and actual caloric intake and exercise in obese subjects food volumes, even if we know that we will be double-checked. Therefore, it is likely that you yourself are not aware of your eating habits.

The diary will help you understand how things really are and learn a lot about yourself. For example, it seems to you that you eat enough vegetables, but in reality you are limited to two cucumbers per day.

How to develop a habit
Write down what you ate, how much and in what quantity, immediately after the meal or even before it, if you can resist the supplement. Choose a convenient way for you to record information: in a paper notebook, a document in the cloud or an application for counting calories.

Speaking of the latter. If you like accuracy in everything, you can at the same time find out how many calories you consume. The results will be exemplary, since it cannot be said how many nutrients are absorbed from a particular product. But this information can already be disposed of to correct eating behavior. True, all food will have to be weighed: in calculating calories, everything is already too rough to estimate the serving size by eye.

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