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I have a child
Proper nutrition of the child is a very responsible task for the whole family. Parents from the very birth of their baby are faced with a lot of questions on…

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How to distinguish quality olive oil from counterfeit?
To date, olive oil has become widespread among Russian consumers as one of the most useful vegetable oils. It is the best source of monounsaturated fatty acids among all vegetable…

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About the benefits of ginger
Ginger is a genus of perennial herbaceous plants from the Ginger family. Raw or processed rhizomes of this plant are also called ginger. It is believed that the scientific name…

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Is a microwave harmful to food?

The debate about the dangers or benefits of food cooked or preheated in a microwave oven has been going on for decades, since when in 1946 American engineer Percy Spencer first noticed the ability of microwave radiation to heat food, and Raytheon patented the invention, starting one year later production of microwave ovens for the military.

Over the past almost 70 years, microwave ovens, as ordinary household appliances, have penetrated almost every home and office, although there is still no final verdict on their benefits or harms. Even despite the fact that in 2008 the World Health Organization issued a conclusion – “microwave ovens use radiation that does not adversely affect either humans or food”, disputes, as in the topic of GMOs, continue. We would like to convince you that the microwave should still be discarded.

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Vegetarian Facts

-Approximately one quarter of the world’s population follows a vegetarian diet.

– Vegetarians live longer and get sick less often because they get more vitamins, minerals, fiber and unsaturated fats. It has been established that the diet of long-livers consists mainly of products of plant origin, primarily cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and sometimes dairy products. The use of meat food leads to increased formation of protein breakdown products, enhances the process of decay in the intestine, increases the load on the excretory system and other organs, and causes acidification of the internal environment of the body. It is generally accepted that excess animal food adversely affects health. The internal organs prematurely wear out, genetic errors accumulate, the body is full of slags, and the body quickly ages, burdened with numerous diseases. The diet of vegetarians is most consistent with the needs of the human body, contributes to the prevention of diseases and the achievement of active longevity. Continue reading

How to distinguish quality olive oil from counterfeit?

To date, olive oil has become widespread among Russian consumers as one of the most useful vegetable oils. It is the best source of monounsaturated fatty acids among all vegetable oils, which should make up 60% of all consumed fats. However, only a quality product is really useful. After all, often unscrupulous manufacturers, under the guise of olive oil, sell a mixture of sunflower, rapeseed, palm oil with the addition of dyes and flavors.

Most often, olive oil is diluted with cheap refined sunflower oil. Some manufacturers indicate on the label in small print that there is a mixture of olive and sunflower oil in the composition, without indicating a percentage ratio. Or indicate numbers that are not true. For example, a producer claims 25% of olive oil, but in fact it contains only 5-10%. Therefore, first we look at the composition: in the composition of high-quality olive oil should be indicated – 100% Olive Oil or “Natural”. Continue reading

Vegetarian lifestyle

Let’s imagine that tomorrow any meat will disappear from the whole world around us – it will not be either in the form of a raw product or in a processed form – no sausages, no ham, no sausages … What will we eat then? Only plant foods? And we all become vegetarians? Ah, how happy Albert Einstein would have been, who believed that “a vegetarian diet, if only because of its purely physical effect on human temperament, should have a very beneficial effect on the fate of mankind.” Of course, Einstein’s dream has a long way to go, but it is clear that even today vegetarianism is becoming almost mainstream, and a fashion for rejecting meat food is steadily forming. Continue reading

Features vegetarian food

An analysis of the results of the 5 largest studies comparing mortality among more than 76,000 vegetarians and non-vegetarians with similar lifestyles showed that mortality among vegetarians from coronary heart disease who had followed their diet for more than 5 years was 24% lower than that of non-vegetarians vegetarians.

Blood pressure in vegans is much lower than in non-vegetarians, among them hypertension is less common, which in about half of the cases is explained by the difference in body weight.

According to a study of more than 63.5 thousand people in the framework of EPIC-Oxford, it was found that among vegetarians, the incidence of all types of cancer, with the exception of colon cancer, is less common. Continue reading

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