How companies profit

Our health and life expectancy largely depend on the quality of food. It is difficult to overestimate its significance for humans. A balanced rational diet, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber,…

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7 signs that you eat too much salt and harm yourself
Have noticed something like this - urgently review your diet. Salt is this: it is not so easy to refuse salt - that is, sodium chloride. And there is a…

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How to recover a liver favor after the holidays
Remember: give up alcohol, breathe fresh air and drink coffee. The liver is the organ that we test for strength literally every day. Shawarma, fatty foods, alcohol, painkillers and so…

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I want to lose weight

The topic of losing weight is, without exaggeration, one of the most popular topics in communication – both physical and virtual, and in all age groups. The inability of most people to observe moderation in food and to properly compose their own diet leads to a gradual (and sometimes quite fast) weight gain, which must be periodically “driven off”. Few manage to keep their weight at a constant level of a slim figure, and here heredity, family traditions in nutrition, own aesthetic views, lifestyle, and, of course, physical education play an important role. Unfortunately, some physical exercises cannot cope with the problem of excess weight, and it must be solved in conjunction with other measures.

There are a lot of recommendations on how to lose weight. You can “sew up” your mouth by sharply limiting the diet, as the great ballerina Maya Plisetskaya advised; you can completely stop eating for a while – the benefits of therapeutic fasting are undeniably proven. Continue reading

I’m an athlete

Engaging in physical education is not only useful, but also fashionable. Today, young people and middle-aged people regularly visit fitness clubs, train in sections or on their own. Someone trains every day, someone once a week, and each sets its own tasks – either to build muscle, or to gain a slender figure, or simply to maintain and strengthen health. It is useful to know in this case that according to the Scandinavian recommendations on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle (NNR), which are the most authoritative for the Nordic countries (including Russia), adults need to spend at least 150 minutes a week on moderate loads or more than 75 minutes per week for high-intensity loads. This means that you need to train at least two to three times a week. If this doesn’t work out like this, you can gain the necessary level of physical activity with daily morning exercises (at least 15-20 minutes) and walking, controlled by a pedometer (10 thousand steps per day). Continue reading

I am vegan

The modern classification of vegetarianism has been formed for more than 100 years, having gone from partial rejection of meat (flexitarianism), rejection of meat, but with the assumption of fish in the diet (peskarianism) to a complete rejection of all animal products, including milk and eggs. Currently, there are mainly two directions: veganism and lacto-ovolacto-vegetarianism. Veganism is the most severe form, including eggs and animal milk (except human breast milk for babies). As a rule, the path to veganism passes through first of all awareness of the ethical problems of modern society and involves the maximum rejection of the use of products obtained through the exploitation and killing of animals.

The word vegan was proposed by the ideologist of this trend Donald Watson in the middle of the last century as an integral part of the first three and last two letters of the English word “vegetarian”. This term was introduced by the “Vegan Society”, founded by Watson in the UK. Continue reading

I have a child

Proper nutrition of the child is a very responsible task for the whole family. Parents from the very birth of their baby are faced with a lot of questions on this topic and are looking for the right answers. And if breastfeeding is forcibly stopped for one reason or another, then the first task is to find the right baby food for your child. It is necessary to constantly monitor the composition, volume and quality of food consumed by the child throughout the entire period of its growth. There are a lot of baby food and literature on this subject, but it makes sense to dwell on the problem of food allergies.

Currently, various types of food allergies in children are found more and more often – for cow’s milk and dairy products, chicken eggs, meat, chocolate and cocoa, fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, some herbs and spices, etc. This is due, according to various estimates, not only to the hereditary factor, but also directly to the deterioration of the environmental situation, the presence of many artificial additives in food, and other reasons. Continue reading

I need protein

Proteins are an absolutely irreplaceable nutritional factor, they are the main plastic material in the construction and renewal of all cells and tissues of the body, are indispensable in the immune status and energy balance. All enzymes that play a major role in metabolism are proteins. About 450 g of protein are involved in metabolism daily. About ¾ of them return again – to the synthesis of their own tissues and substances of protein nature, but ¼ part is lost during this exchange. It is this loss that determines the magnitude of a person’s need for protein replenishment.

The daily protein intake is 0.8 g per 1 kg of body weight, i.e. on average, it is from 50 to 120 g of protein per day. With an active lifestyle, it is necessary to consume 1-2.5 grams of protein per day per 1 kg of body weight. It is believed that people who are professionally involved in certain sports (bodybuilding, long-distance running) get a positive effect if they use an additional amount of protein. Continue reading

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