Discover the variety of gluten free
products available at Nature’s Pharm.


Discover the variety of gluten free products available at Nature’s Pharm.  Our choice selection of gluten free foods allows you to plan meals and eat what you like, while staying inline with your gluten free diet.

The importance of a gluten free diet

Research shows that a minimum of 1 in 133 people cannot digest the gluten protein and 1 in 7 have a “gluten sensitivity,” or wheat intolerance. For these those in this category, digestion of gluten can triggers a reaction, which interferes with proper nutrient absorption.

What are the health benefits?


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The health advantages of following a gluten free diet can vary from person to person, however in general they include:

  • Reduced belching
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved metabolism
  • Improved concentration
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced flatulence
  • Reduced bloating
  • Weight regulation
  • Improved nutrient absorption

Symptoms of gluten intolerance

Symptoms of gluten intolerance, although they vary, will often include abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea and/or constipation, an itchy rash, canker sores, bone or joint pain, fatigue, depression, and even sterility. If you believe you’ve got a protein or wheat intolerance or celiac disease, eliminate wheat, barley, and rye from your diet for a couple of weeks and see if symptoms improve.  Consult with your care provider for testing choices.

If you feel it could help, why not try gluten free and see how much better you feel?

Gluten Free Recipes

  • Lemony Spaghetti with Peas and Ricotta
    Lemony Spaghetti with Peas and Ricotta

    When you’re bored of your standby quick-and-easy dinners and are looking for something new to shake up your pasta routine, try this lemony spaghetti dish.

    Creamy ricotta, lemon zest, toasted breadcrumbs and fresh peas will raise the bar on dinner!

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  • Shaved Asparagus and Potato Pizza
    Shaved Asparagus and Potato Pizza

    This time of year, asparagus begs to be used in all sorts of ways. Shaving the spears with a vegetable peeler produces a lovely green tangle that I like to put on top of a pizza.

    Add some roasted potato slices and gouda cheese, and you have a winning combination and a winning start to spring.

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  • Easy No-Knead Pizza Dough
    No-Knead Pizza Dough

    It seems that every time I decide to make pizza at home (usually on a Friday night) my well-laid plans are disrupted by a last-minute impulse to go to the movies or to meet with friends.

    That’s why I love this dough recipe.

    You can make it and let it rise, then use it — or change your mind and leave it in the fridge for the next day. Or even the day after that. Or even freeze it for a few weeks. It’s a very forgiving dough!

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  • Turkey Meatball Soup with Spinach and Orzo
    Turkey Meatball Soup

    These baby meatballs are so cute you’ll fall hard for them. Use your hands to mix them in a bowl with a little Parmesan and some parsley – you’ll feel like an Italian nonna!

    Once shaped, the meatballs go into a soup with orzo and lots of baby spinach. It’s an easy, hearty meal that everyone will love.

    Turkey Meatball SoupMeatballs were traditionally made with scraps of meat, often pork or beef, and stale bread. They were a make-do meal for people who had little.

    Today, most of us just buy ground meat at the store whenever a craving strikes. But meatballs are still an economical meal, especially when mixed with whatever sandwich bread or leftover dinner rolls need using up.

    Turkey Meatball SoupI like to quickly sauté the meatballs to brown their outsides, but you can skip this step if you’re in a hurry. Then, just cook them in chicken broth along with the orzo and spinach. A dusting of grated Parmesan added at the end brings out the flavor of the cheese in the meatballs and adds to the scrumptious tastes in your bowl.

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